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Addendum 5: Support Policies & Procedures

This Addendum is incorporated into the Terms of Service with its other Addenda, hyper-linked here for your convenience:

Support Sections (6)

  1. Help Desk Support. Only for the purposes of supporting our paid Service, subject to Support Availability, we are also in the business of making attempts to diagnose computer problems and deliver basic computer trouble-shooting over the phone, chat and web. Help Desk Support for your End Users is provided at our sole discretion.
  2. Support Guarantee. We will make commercially reasonable efforts to help you make best use of our Service.  Yet no service is right for everyone. If we can’t satisfy your needs, and you want to move your Service, we’ll help you move. We appreciate the opportunity to remedy any Service problems you may experience quickly and at no additional cost if you warn us in writing that such problem(s) will lead you to terminate Service with us, and provide us 30 days to cure such problem(s). Furthermore, in the event you remain unsatisfied after providing us reasonable opportunity to remedy your service per the terms of this Agreement, within 10 days of your written request using the Customer Center’s Ticketing System, at your cost, we will make your Accounts’ ZCS backup available to you on disk or across the internet to help you restore your information elsewhere.
  3. Support Availability. Unless otherwise scheduled in advance or responding to an Emergency, we make commercially reasonable efforts to be available to respond to your requests for support at the following times: 5 days/week, including nationally recognized holidays, 8AM-6PM. Scheduled and unscheduled phone support or support that includes screen sharing is offered at our sole discretion, if at all.
  4. Out-of-scope Support (“Supplemental Service”). Desktop or operating system support, support for software used outside of its intended purpose or unsupported by its manufacturer or labeled “beta,” support of use of our services in violation of the terms of this Agreement, end-user training delivered to more than 2 people simultaneously, programming, senior technicians and advanced technology services, as determined by us at our sole discretion, will be delivered as Supplemental Service, mutually agreed on by Us in writing, and in advance of Supplemental Service.  All Supplemental Service is performed on an “as is, as available” basis.
  5. Service Requests. We make commercially reasonable efforts to make Help Desk Support available by chat, phone, and ITS, the Customer Center’s Help Desk’s issue tracking system.  We maintain the ticketing system to enable you to describe and prioritize Issues.  Contact with us may not be recorded beyond what is documented in ITS.  Requests for Service are accepted at any time through ITS.  We make commercially reasonable efforts to keep tickets generated by ITS accessible to you in a ticketing history section for the life of this Agreement. For transparency, tracking and continuity purposes, you are expected to use ITS whenever practical, and to describe specifically, and prioritize service requests with reasonable accuracy. Response to support requests is provided on a first come, first served basis, and other factors, at our sole discretion.  We make reasonable efforts to prioritize in-bound requests for service from you and other customers with the same, or similar ticket priorities.  To help improve our availability to meet your needs, support requiring senior or specific technicians should be scheduled a minimum of 5 Business days in advance.
  6. Undelete (“roll-back,” “restore” and “un-delete”).  When you create a new Account it enters our automated backup cycle.  We usually begin both full and incremental data back ups of new mailboxes within 16 days.  These backups are intended to enable the restoration (“roll-back”, “un-delete”, “restore”) of an entire mailbox up to 7 days in the past, or longer based on your chosen Service.   As may be limited by Service product features, we make commercially reasonable efforts to make and verify nightly incremental, and weekly full backups of your Accounts, and to keep these backups for longer than 7 days, and unless otherwise mutually agreed upon, not longer than 30 days.  Please use the Customer Center’s Help Desk ticketing system to request we restore an Account to a date and time in the preceding days, and we will attempt to restore the account under a different name, such as r_yourname@yourdomain.com for your convenience.  Please allow at least one full business day for processing undelete requests.