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Have you ever accidentally deleted emails, need to recover deleted employee accounts or search for a message that no longer exists? With Cloudiance’s KeepSafe email service, you can prepare for the unexpected by protecting one of your most important assets, your company data. For only $3 per account when bundled with our collaboration email, protect your data and rest easy knowing that you will always have access to the emails you need.

What does the KeepSafe service do? 

KeepSafe captures any email sent or received by an individual account or your entire organization automatically from the time it is enabled indefinitely and emails cannot be deleted, mirroring the emails sent & received by your email accounts.  

The KeepSafe archive is not directly accessible to prevent tampering, and emails can be retrieved quickly by authorized administrators at any time. Also known as archiving & discovery, KeepSafe protects your data in a vault.

Whether you own a small business, manage many accounts in an enterprise environment, or own a legal firm in need o professional archiving & discovery, Cloudiance can deliver a fully customized solution to fit your organization’s needs.

KeepSafe can be enabled for current Cloudiance customers in the My Services tab in the Client Area. If you are not currently using our service please contact us today for a free trial.