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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

If you are experiencing problems logging into your zMailCloud account or receive a message that your username or password is incorrect, or authentication failed message please check the following:

Verify login address

Please make sure to use your custom domain address, such as https://yourcompany.zmailcloud.com/

Check password

Passwords in zMailCloud are case sensitive.  Please make sure you do not have caps lock on or have mistyped your password.

If you continue to have problems logging into your account, please contact your Administrator who can perform a password reset for your account or contact our help desk through the Customer Center.

How can I contact for support?

You can reach our help desk by email at: support@cloudiance.com

What are your support hours?

Customers may also reach help desk support by phone between the hours of 7AM - 7PM Central Time, Monday through Friday at: 1-877-401-0000

What about system-down issues?

Our engineers monitor systems 24x7, and will respond to systems-down issues immediately. In addition, our customer service team is trained to report issues to engineers for prompt resolution.

I have a question that is not answered here

Please contact us

Yes, such as yourcompany.zmailcloud.com

A custom URL is provided free-of-additional charge, as is adding your own logo to the zMailCloud web client.  We are committed to delivering a personalized experience.

After ordering, use the Customer Center to request your custom URL, as well as add your own logo, and other personalization.

MX records should only be configured after you have successfully signed up for service.

Here are our MX record DNS settings, where 10, 20, 50 are the priority of the servers (mx1.zmailcloud.com is checked first, mx2.zmailcloud.com second, mx3.zmailcloud.com third):

10 mx1.zmailcloud.com
20 mx2.zmailcloud.com
50 mx3.zmailcloud.com

Your own domain is typically listed to the left of the priority, and some DNS hosts require a trailing period, for instance, "mx1.zmailcloud.com.".
To make changes to your account, please visit our Customer Center
Our general mail client settings for zMailCloud are as follows:

Incoming Mail Server:

yourcustomaddress.zmailcloud.com (replace yourcustomaddress with your custom address server name.  If you are unsure what your custom server address is, please contact your Administrator or email us at: support[at]zmailcloud.com.) Server port: 993 For IMAP 995 for POP Use Secure Socket Layer: Yes User Name: your full zMailCloud email address Password: your password

Outgoing Mail Server:

yourcustomaddress.zmailcloud.com Server port: 465 this is the recommended alternate SMTP port Use Secure Sockets Layer/SSL: Yes Authentication: Password User Name: your full zMailCloud email address Password: your password