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Premium Email Hosting: $7 per mailbox/month. Includes 15 GB account space free!

Storage: 15 GB included free. 35 cents per 1 GB/month for additional GB’s.

Email Archiving: Optionally, you may add the new Email Archiving service to individual mailboxes for indefinite retention (including deleted messages!) for $3 per month per archive, with 7 GB included storage per archive.

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  • Email, contact, calendar & briefcase sync
  • Sync to any device
  • Optional email archiving (legal compliance)
  • 30 days backup protection
  • Help desk support
  • 100 MB attachments
  • 1 GB file uploads

Premium Email Hosting

$7 per mailbox per month. Includes 15 GB free storage!

  • Email, Contact Calendar sync
  • Backup Protection
  • Sync to any device
  • Backup protection
  • 100 MB attachments
  • 1 GB file uploads
  • Unlimited aliases & lists

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