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Terms of Service: Billing


Addendum 3: Billing Policies and Procedures

This Addendum is incorporated into the Terms of Service with its other Addenda, hyper-linked here for your convenience:

Billing sections (22)

Managing Monthly Term account quotas?  Review this section first!

  1. Pricing.  In U.S. dollars unless otherwise specified and can be found on our website, by periodic Reporting, and by using the Customer Center resources.  Prices do not include applicable taxes, if any.  You agree to pay or reimburse us for any and all applicable taxes.  If you choose to continue to use our products or services after receiving notice of any Service or Price change, at our sole discretion, the change may apply to you immediately after the date you received notice and be reflected in your Billing Cycle.  Please see our Pricing.
  2. Order Processing.  To validate your chosen form of payment you may be charged $1.00 (US) and refunded $1.00 (US). Coincident with your order, this validation should not show up on your credit card statement.  Please contact us at your earliest convenience if our Order Processing does not meet your expectations, we will resolve any Issues promptly: use the Customer Center’s Help Desk ticketing system, or call us.
  3. Fraud Protection: For the protection of our customers, we use various automatic systems to record transactions and orders, and to detect and prevent prospective fraud and probable violators of our Acceptable Use Policy, such as and not limited to people using stolen credit cards to sign up for service and try to send out Spam. You understand we use these systems for your protection, and if you are having Issues signing up for services, it is possible you have been incorrectly identified by our fraud protection systems.  Please call our Billing department directly by Phone for assistance, or contact us by completing this web form, we will verify your information, and sign you up for service manually at your convenience.
  4. Term. Term of Service (“Term”) is prepaid month-to-month (“monthly”) or if available, prepaid annually (“annual” or “yearly”).
  5. Free Trial Period.  Lasts at least 30 consecutive days, including weekends and holidays.  Welcome!  You are considered a Customer by us and should receive Support.  While you may receive Reporting titled the Invoice Preview, you will not be actually invoiced nor charged for Service until after your Free Trial Period expires, unless of course you cancel Service before your Free Trial Period Expires (see Section 14).  You are not entitled to more than one Free Trial Period (see Fair Use).
    1. Monthly. If you select a prepaid monthly Term, your first invoice will include the prorated time period between the end of your Free Trial Period and the beginning of the following, first month of paid Service, in addition to the first month of paid Service, as applicable.
    2. Annual. If you select a prepaid annual Term, your Service start date for Annual billing purposes will be the first of the month following the end of your Free Trial Period.  So, you received the benefit of using the Account(s) until the last day of the month your free trial period ends in without any additional charge.   In effect, this means there’s a Free Trial Period of longer than 30 days for most customers selecting an Annual Term.  Example: you order service with an Annual Term on the 10th of March.  You won’t be billed for service until the 1st of May, providing about an extra 3 weeks Service free of additional charge.
  6. Billing Cycle. Our automated billing process closes on the 28th of every month, when your Usage is calculated.
    1. Overview.  Not only mailboxes are counted, but also features such as storage (GB) used.
      1. Phase 1.  21st of the month: initial mailbox/feature count.  Invoice Preview sent for additions/changes to Account(s).
      2. Phase 2.  28th of the month: final mailbox/feature count. Next month’s invoice, if any, is based on this count.
      3. Phase 3.  1st of the month: invoicing and report, if due.
      4. Phase 4.  3rd of the month: payment processing, if due.
    2. Details:
      1. Phase 1.  21st of the month: We count your mailboxes/features for the first time for the current month.  If based on this count you would get an invoice, then we email you an Invoice Preview with an attached mailbox/feature report.  The purpose of the Invoice Preview is to provide time to adjust your accounts and avoid service fees before Phase 2, when we make the definitive count for the month.
      2. Phase 2.  28th of the month: We count your mailboxes/features again, providing the definitive, monthly account report we use to generate your invoice in Phase 3, assuming you have an associated payment due.
      3. Phase 3.  Around the first of the month: If the definitive report shows you have a payment due, then we will send you an invoice with an attached mailbox report for your reference.  If there’s an issue with the invoice, please contact us within 48 hours, before Phase 4’s automatic payment processing.
      4. Phase 4.  Approximately two days later: our system processes payment for outstanding invoices, using your credit card or other electronic payment method on file.
  7. Changing Term.
    1. Monthly to Annual. Use the Customer Center resources to change (“upgrade”) the Term from month-to-month to annual.  You may opt to go Annual any time, and benefit from its material discounts.
    2. Annual to Monthly. When you select an annual Term, either at ordering or upgrade, you may not change the Term to Monthly until the end of your annual term.  You may only opt to switch to a monthly term at the end of your annual term.
  8. Adding Service.  Answers the question: when will you be billed for accounts you’ve added?
    We have invested in reporting, self-service systems, and customized, up-to-date documentation to provide you with the maximum practical autonomy with your Service.  You are solely responsible for consequences of your configuration changes, Service additions.  To change your order, please use the self-service tools available from the Customer Center to add/delete mailboxes, change quotas, etc..  Using other self-service tools, you may also change your contact information and as permitted, Service Term.  You may, of course, contact us for assistance to make changes to Services. Because we subscribe to a “teach-to-fish” philosophy, in such cases where changes can be made independently by you, we will usually instruct you how to make changes yourself so that you can expedite future changes independently.  One-time setup fees, if any, may be applicable each time you make a net-addition to a resource such as and not limited to the number of accounts in any given calendar month (see Pricing).

    1. Monthly Change.  Charged at your following final mailbox/feature count, on the 28th, for the next month’s Service.  For example: you add a mailbox on the second (2nd) of this month.  On the 28th of this month, we automatically count your mailboxes/feature, and invoice you for them around the first of next month, including the new mailbox.  We automatically charge your credit card, or other electronic payment method, on file around the third of next month.  Note: you received the benefit of using the account from the 2nd until the 28th of this month without any additional charge!
    2. Annual Change.  Charged at your following final mailbox/feature count, on the 28th, and automatically prorated to the anniversary of your Term.  For example: with six months remaining in your Term, you add an account (“mailbox”) on the second (2nd) of this month.  On the 28th of this month, we automatically count your mailboxes, and invoice you around the 1st of next month, only for the new mailbox and only prorated for the six months remaining in your Term, around the first of next month.  Like the Monthly example above, you received the benefit of using the account from the 2nd until the 28th of this month without any additional charge.
  9. Avoiding New Fees.  Remove new service you added prior to the close of the billing cycle.  For instance, if you added mailboxes, subtract them before the automatic, final count on the 28th of  the month.
  10. Payment.   Payment for Service is due in advance.  There are no returns.  Credit card, e-check and PayPal payments may be made securely through the Customer Center‘s resources, or by Phone. Neither cash or check payments are not accepted without our management’s written approval.  A late charge fee of 1.5% per month or the maximum interest allowable by law, whichever is lower, shall apply to any late payments made by you to us. You are responsible for all non-recurring and recurring charges after Service Commencement Date.  You may update your payment method using the Customer Center‘s resources.
    1. Dispute.  Disputed amounts invoiced and payment details changes should promptly be reported to the Billing department using the Customer Center’s Help Desk ticketing system, or to billing (at) Cloudiance.com.
    2. Whistle-blower.  You agree to report of any payments, or requests for payments other than those described herein at your earliest opportunity, and direct report of such activity may entitle you to waived Service charges, at our sole discretion.
  11. Credit Card. When you choose to provide your credit card information to us, you agree that we may charge your credit card for amounts due for Service periodically, without your further approval, until Service is canceled by you or us.  Payments for Service once made are non-refundable.  You affirmatively agree not to request any refund from your credit card company for our Service.  Payments over $1,000.00 at any one time, or in any one calendar month, on an American Express credit card may be subject to an additional, 5% transaction service fee.
  12. Credit Card Expiration.  By sending an email to the contact listed by you, we will automatically attempt to warn you three times over an approximately two week period if your credit card has expired or is declined. You acknowledge that all services may be immediately suspended or terminated (“Interruption”) at our sole discretion and without further warning if any payments for services are past due by more than 10 days or if any charges made by us to you are declined or charge-backs are claimed against any outstanding invoiced amount. Such Interruption does not relieve you from the obligation to pay Service charges.
  13. Renewal.  Your account will renew automatically at the then current, same periodic rates and plan, unless we terminate it, or you terminate it prior to the 28th of the month preceding the end of your Term (“Automatic Renewal Date)”.  You must cancel your subscription pursuant to Section 14 Cancellation before the Automatic Renewal Date to avoid automatic, non-refundable Service fees.
  14. Cancellation.  If you wish to cancel Service, please use our kbase article entitled “How to cancel service”.
  15. Credit.  At our sole discretion, any credits we offer or are due under our SLA will be provided as credit toward future Service.  We shall not provide any credits for work stoppage or service outages necessary to provide Scheduled Maintenance.  Credit will not be offered nor provided for any performance issues, downtime or interruptions, in part or in full, due to “beta” services, devices or software.
  16. Blackberry (BES) Network Fees.  BES licensing and support is included in the Blackberry (BES) Pricing, however, you are soley responsible for the cost of required telecommunication services, such as and not limited to your mobile operator’s fees to connect to the BES network.
  17. Billing Department Availability.  Business Hours, unless otherwise scheduled in writing in advance.
  18. Supplemental Service.  If we choose to provide any Supplemental Service without additional fees, we are not obligated to provide any subsequent, Supplemental Service without additional fees.  Cumulative, additional charges for hourly work may apply for rapid response (“Emergency”) services, requests for specific, senior or multiple technicians, on-premises services and service outside of Availability, as agreed upon in writing prior to services.
  19. Counting (“Measurement”).  At least twice each month our automated system counts your mailboxes and Service features, along with the storage size in gigabytes (GB) of your Accounts in aggregate (“pooled”).  See Billing Report, below.
    1. Counted (paid outside of your free, 30-day trial).
      1. Accounts (“mailboxes”),
      2. storage size, including all email viewable in all folders, as well as all attachments, calendars, contacts, tasks, documents, briefcases, files, and other information directly associated with each account;
      3. legal compliance archives (LCA), if any;
      4. Blackberry Enterprise Server (BES) accounts; and
      5. any other Service usage and features listed on the Pricing page, excepting those Uncounted, described herein below.
    2. Uncounted (free).  Not affecting measurement and reporting, therefore provided free-of-additional charge.
      1. Backups we store for you.  4 times your usage to accommodate 30 days undelete!
      2. Bandwidth.  Transfer of data to and from Cloudiance.
      3. Legal Compliance Archives.  Any storage devoted to archiving inbound and outbound email and attachments for your accounts is not counted against your total storage.
      4. Annual Term free storage. Every GB is paid for Monthly Term accounts, whereas the first 25GB of storage per account, pooled, is provided free-of-charge for Annual Term accounts. For instance, if you have 4 accounts, and an Annual Term, you may have up to 100GB of storage between the four accounts before you should expect any extra charges for account storage size.
    3. Rounding.  Occurs after the storage for all accounts is pooled.  Different for Annual vs. Monthly Term accounts.
      1. Monthly Term.  Rounded to the nearest GB.
      2. Annual Term. Rounded up to the nearest 100MB (tenth of a GB).
  20. Account Quotas. Do not set your quotas without reading this section first! Quotas limit your Accounts’ sizes, and educated quota-management will save you money and time.  Most customers use quota-unlimited accounts, setting 0 for all their accounts’ quotas.
    1. Default account quota.  By default, quotas for both Annual and Monthly Term accounts are set to 0, quota-unlimited, to avoid bouncing mail when reaching maximum quota, account full conditions.
    2. Quota-unlimited accounts.  Zero quota means “unlimited,” only because it removes an account’s size limit. You will be billed for the total account storage actually used for each of your accounts.
    3. Quota-limited accounts. Unlike the default, zero quota, quota-unlimited accounts, if you set a quota other than zero for an account, you will be charged for the quota(s) you have set, pooled across all of your accounts. For instance, if you have three (3) Accounts, each with 1GB quotas, then you will be billed for three (3) GB storage, regardless of how much storage you are using.
    4. Quota units. Quotas are set in megabytes (MB). They’re not gigabytes (GB)! Use whole numbers greater than 0 to set quotas, where there are approximately 1,000 MBs in 1 GB.
    5. Changing quota. Create and set variable quotas for any one or more of your Accounts with the Customer Center self-service tools.
    6. Mixing quota unlimited and limited accounts. Billed grouped into those accounts for which you’ve quota-limited, and those you’ve quota-unlimited.
  21. Max quota (“Max account size”). The maximum quota you may set for any account is currently about 50,000 MB, or 50 GB. See Cloud Addendum: Quota reached, for system behavior when an account is full.
  22. Billing Report. Automatically attached to your previews and invoices, the Billing Report details all of your accounts, along with their features and storage.  Use the Billing Report to understand the basis for Service pricing, as well as conveniently see the current status and authorization-level for each of your accounts.
    1. Bold words. Highlights change. The account or feature is new, or its name has changed since your last Billing Report.
    2. Row color.
      1. Yellow. Quota-unlimited pricing (default). You’re billed for total, pooled usage.
      2. White. Quota-limited pricing. You’re billed for total, pooled quotas.
      3. Gray. Closed status. See below.
    3. Current Status.  As of the date Generated. Use the Admin Console to change the status of accounts.
      1. Active.  This is the default, normal status of accounts.
      2. Locked. Locked accounts cannot send nor receive email. If due to too many failed password attempts, unlock accounts in the Admin Console. If due to suspension for non-payment, please call our Billing Department, or visit the Customer Center, use our Help Desk ticketing system to request unlocking mailboxes.
      3. Closed.  Only available for customers with a Monthly term, Closed accounts receive a discount, see Pricing.  Closed accounts cannot receive nor send email.
    4. Blackberry (BES).  “1” means the account has registered on one of the Cloudiance BES servers.
    5. LCA. “1” means the account is registered for Legal Compliance Archiving (LCA).
    6. Admin Console Access.  “1” means the account is an Authorized User, can login to the Admin Console.
    7. PAST PURCHASES, AND FEATURES included free with Pending purchases, if any (only applies to annual terms).  The totals to which you’re entitled without additional charge.  If you have an Annual term, and you’ve purchased additional storage or accounts in some earlier month, it will be recorded here.  Also account features, such as storage, included free-of-additional-charge with any new mailboxes reported.  All available discounts are applied before determining new accounts and features pending purchase.
    8. NEW ACCOUNTS AND FEATURES PENDING PURCHASE, as of this report.  The net difference between the sub-totals of “In Use” and “Past Purchases…” is your “Pending purchases.”  If the report is a Billing Report, “Pending purchases” are the totals based on which you will be invoiced.  If the report is an Invoice Preview or Self-generated Report, these totals are for your information as you may make changes before final totals for invoicing are calculated on the 28th of the month.